Friday, December 1, 2006

Lolita is making me Lulu

I'll post a complete review when I'm done with Lolita (If I EVER get done with Lolita), but here I'll just say the book is driving me batty. I hate it. The cover says "The only convincing love story of our time". It bugs me every time I pick up the book. A story about a pedophile and a 12-year old is a LOVE STORY?? Ewwww. Too much information for me. Gross. I'll give you more details on my "yuck" factor when I'm finished. This I just had to say.


jay are said...

Dying to see your review :). I've always wanted to read this book just because--well, just because it's LOLITA, you know? But it seems like these ravers are never what they're cracked up to be. I think the book like that for me was "Lady Chatterley's Lover". Boorrriinnngg. In my opinion.

Nessie said...

We did Lolita for my book club and there were mixed emotions. I wrote up a review on that and the memoir Reading Lolita in Tehran. Check it out ... after you read it!!!

Lisa said...

Nessie, I just HAVE to know if that is you standing on your head??? You don't list yoga as one of your interests in your profile...I am as obsessed with yoga as I am with books, so I'm intrigued by the headstand.... :)