Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Favorite Children's Christmas book..

I have loved this whole series, but this is a nice Christmas book, although it doesn't specifically mention Christmas. It's a nice book to give to any children you know who may not celebrate Christmas but like to celebrate giving. Mama bear and Sam are making cakes in the oven. They wrap them in bright red bags and leave one on each neighbor's doorstep. At the end, there are two bags left, for Mama and Sam. They snuggle by the fire, wearing "fat socks" and eat them.

My mom got this book for my son a few Christmases ago, along with a pair of big snuggly "fat" socks. It was a great hit, and we've been reading it since, but especially around Christmastime. (This is also a series, of which this is the third book. An especially great children's series for babies named Sam).

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