Tuesday, December 12, 2006

All right, All right....the Chunkster Challenge

I know. My dear hubbie would say I'm taking on waaaaaay too much. But the Chunkster Challenge rules are so lenient...and these books are on my list anywaaaay. For the 2007 TBR challenge, I picked the oldest books on my to be read list. Sometimes I just want a more recent title. Also, two of the books I picked will be in book discussions on websites I read early in the year, so if I read them, I can follow along.

My picks for the Chunkster Challenge are:

Half of a Yellow Sun
The Book Thief
Shantaram (which I'm already reading for the TBR challenge - at 900+ pages, I figure I can be allowed to share!)


Nessie said...

I just signed up as well!

Is your intention to read all three or to pick some from that pile?

Literary Feline said...

Your husband and mine! I haven't read any of your choices, but they all sound good. I've heard wonderful things about The Book Thief.

Lisa said...

Nessie: I'm planning to do all three. I'm already reading Shantaram for the TBR challenge, so I'll just add the other two. I usually read more than one book a month, so I think it's feasible. We'll see!!

Nessie said...

Yes, I think its fesible. But my own list are books that I have had for sometime that I just could not to date bring myself to open. I do not know why. I think they scare me... maybe its the covers?

Lotus Reads said...

Lisa, I just LOVED "Half of a Yellow Sun" so I can't wait to see what you think. I also look forward to your thoughts on "Shantaram" and "The Book Thief" which are our common reads.

Good luck and happy reading!

Aarti said...

You know, most people I've talked to about Shogun say that they loved it when they read it years ago! So hopefully, it's still good now :-) I think all these reading challenges are great for motivating me to read certain books, though I don't know how successful I'll be!

I LOVED The Book Thief! It is undoubtedly my top book for 2006. I hope you enjoy it as well- have a box of tissues nearby!