Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Review and an "I Give Up"

What can you say about Lean Mean Thirteen? If you have read the rest of the series, you already know that you'll love it. If you haven't read the rest of the series, you should get started. At the pool this summer, I ran into a mom on #8. By the time the swimming lessons were over two weeks later, she was waiting for #13 like the rest of us. I told her the only problem with starting now from the beginning is that you'll eventually reach the place the rest of us are at -- where you have to wait a year now for the next one. Bummer.

I'm really bad at series. In fact, I can't even remember where I left off on Harry Potter. It's true that these are pretty much all the same and I try to analyze why they keep my interest then, when no other series do. I think it's because they crack me up. I mean, I actually guffaw OUT LOUD wherever I happen to be reading. I usually never laugh out loud reading books, so that really says something. Bad language, though, for those of you who are sensitive to that sort of thing.

I finally gave up on Suite Francaise. I can see how it will be a very good book and it is still on my To Be Read list. I have limited time for reading right now, though. I'm studying for licensing exams and considering buying into a yoga business here in town that is in trouble, something I have no idea how to do. Light reading is my best bet right now. So Suite Francaise will have to be shelved while I read some fast paced reads and young adult reads. I don't usually give up on books but simply have to admit that the timing is not right.


kookiejar said...

That happens. 'Suite Francaise' will still be there when you are ready for it. Light reading is always best for summer anyway, I think.

Trish said...

I recently picked up 9-11 at a book sale, so now I just have to find 1-8 and 13 cheap so I can read through the whole series (I don't really want to start in the middle!). But I've heard such great things...and I love laughing out loud as you mentioned you did! Great fun.

John Mutford said...

I actually admire your ability to know when to put a book down. I still haven't mastered it and stubbornly push through. In the end both the book and I have suffered. For what it's worth, I just thought Suite Francaise was okay. I wouldn't stress it if you never get back to it. Then again, you might love it.

LK said...

I hear ya. I got a little over halfway through and just dropped the thread.