Friday, August 10, 2007

Two Young Adult reviews

First, The Indian in the Cupboard. Recently, a minister in my church said it was the "best book ever written". Well, besides the Bible, he reframed. Ha. I got a kick out of that, so I got it at the library, with the idea that I'd read it to my 6-year old at night. Well, he now prefers to read by himself (lah-di-dah) and didn't want me to read it. So it sat around. Until yesterday, after my surgery to get my tubes tied. I had meant to go to the library and have "The Thirteenth Tale" waiting for me to read in recovery, but time had gotten away from me. So here I was - a day in bed, Vicodin and NO BOOK. So I picked up The Indian in the Cupboard. Awesome! The best thing about it is that there is more. There's about five more sequels. Which is great, because this is fantasy at it's best. I don't know if I'd say it's the BEST book I've ever read, but if I'd read it as a child, I bet I would. It is simply delicious.
And then "Number the Stars", for the Something About Me reading challenge. Two of Lois Lowry's books were nominated, and after reading this one, I'm hoping for time to read "The Giver" as well. This is a very well developed short novel, and I really enjoyed it. I must say, I've read many books about German children during World War II, and never one about Danish children during World War II. I'm sure in some high school history class I probably knew that Denmark was occupied by the Nazis, but it gave me no more of a passing fancy than that. This book gives you yet another perspective of those who were terrorized by the Nazi regime. Oh, and did I say it made me want to visit the Netherlands? Lois Lowry will be hearing more from me.

I'm kinda getting into this YA genre! Oh yay, another 10,000 books for my TBR list. Great.


Booklogged said...

Lois Lowry is one of my favorite authors. Be forewarned that Number the Stars and The Giver are totally different types of books, but both are excellent. I heard Ms. Lowry speak at the SLC Book Fair. The hour zipped by so fast. She was wonderful.

raidergirl3 said...

Isn't the Indian a wonderful book? I read it years ago, and then reread it this spring and it was a terrific as I'd remembered.
I've got the Lowry book to read as well; I loved The Giver too.
I love when your kids start to read by themselves! He's 6 and read The Indian in the Cupboard? wow.

Nyssaneala said...

I've read 3 of the Indian in the Cupboard books. I thought the first two were great; the third, not so much. I think it starts to go downhill in quality.

valentina said...

Do read The Giver, it's really really good.

Jeane said...

You should try Bright Candles by Nathaniel Benchley. It's about a teenager involved in the Danish Resistance to the Nazis. I loved it as a kid.