Saturday, April 28, 2007

TBR Review: A Certain Chemistry by Mil Millington

I am embarrassed to review this book on my book blog. It is R-A-U-N-C-H-Y. That is, when you look up "raunchy" in the dictionary, there is a picture of this book. So read what follows, but whatever you do, don't recommend it to your church's book group. (Although it was recommended to me by someone in my church - you know who you are!)

This is the story of a British man who cheats on his girlfriend with a soap star, and how he justifies this behavior to himself. Aside from the fact that it is totally dirty and raunchy, it is dang hilarious. My husband was losing patience with my guffaws while he was watching TV; everyone at the hair salon had to know what I was reading....seriously, I have never, ever read a book as funny as this one. I'm not particularly wont to laugh out loud at books. And I have been reading some pretty heavy material lately, so maybe I was just ripe.

So if you aren't easily offended...ok, if you aren't moderately easy to offend, and you need a laugh, this is your book. If grauitous sex and swearing - along with a downright offensive God narrator - isn't your thing, guess you'll have to find something else to laugh about.

Below is the only - and just barely - printable section that I earmarked to share:

Her reply was to hoist up her nightdress and moon at me. Bit of an own goal, though, of course. Men can moon and it's funny or abusive or whatever. If a woman bends over and shows her bare bottom to you, well, the worst that can happen is you'll be too choked up with gratitude to get the words "Thank you" out properly. And, what's more, Sara's gesture was especially doomed to failure because she was unfortunate enough to possess a particularly fantastic bottom.


jay are said...

I agree with your assessment :) And I'm relieved because I know that I wasn't the one who recommended it...heh. Anyway, I read this a long time ago and enjoyed it as well, despite some of its more seamier aspects.

kookiejar said...

Actually, this sounds right up my alley (so to speak). I cannot (and I mean CANNOT) be offended, and I'm always looking for a good laugh. I'm going right now, to see if my library has a copy. Thanks for the tip.

PS-I've heard that even Mr Rogers loved dirty jokes (apparently he wouldn't repeat them, but he would point you in the direction of the person who told it to him). I love that story.

Marg said...

I've added this to my list as well! Sounds like fun.

Bookfool said...

Have you read his first book, "Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About"? I loved that book - took it to the doctor's office and I could barely hold in the snickers. I was sure someone was going to think I was having a seizure. :)