Monday, April 14, 2008

Review: Out Stealing Horses

Darn. I had a whole bunch of pages turned down in this one, because I wanted to treat you to some of Per Petterson's wonderful writing, but alas -- I returned the book to the library and hadn't finished this review!!

This one got great critical acclaim, and I have to add my applause. It was translated from Norwegian, and at first I was bothered by short, choppy sentences, but soon forgot that in the beautiful writing and wonderful storyline.

Set in Norway at the turn of this century (2000), with flashbacks to the narrators childhood during the second World War. It's one of the kinds of books that I love, where there isn't so much fast paced action as there is deep reflection on the nature of things. It's just great. Read it.


Bybee said...

I've been wanting to read something else by a Norwegian since reading Hunger by Knut Hamsun. Thanks for the review.

Simran said...

I think this book would make a great read due to the fact that it contains the elements of war. Such books that have descriptions of battles and valiant warriors totally intrigue and impress me. Recently, i have been reading the famous fantasy novels of CS Lewis- The Chronicles of Narnia, and am highly impressed by the author's imagination as well as the few well-described war sequences in the stories.
In fact, Disney and Walden are coming up with the latest Narnia movie-Prince Caspian, this May 16th. It promises to be awesome by the looks of the trailer. The very hot Ben Barnes is playing the character of Prince Caspian!! I am soo awaiting this release.
Watch the trailer here-
I'm sure it'll get you all excited as well!